Reiter Dairy Whole Milk Half Gallon

Reiter Dairy Whole Milk is rich, creamy, and packed with nutrients to complement your daily diet with great-tasting fresh milk. Each serving of this whole dairy milk provides vitamin D and 20% of the daily value for calcium, with 150 calories and 8 grams of protein. Reiter milk has a wholesome flavor you and your family will love. Enjoy a tall glass of milk any time of day, or use it to make smoothies, baked goods and other recipes even more delicious. Serve it as part of breakfast in your bowl of cereal or cup of coffee. This convenient half gallon of milk is easy to store and comes with 8 servings to keep you stocked for days. At Reiter Dairy, we’ve been providing families with wholesome, delicious dairy products since 1933. It’s our passion, our purpose, and nothing makes our farm families prouder than nourishing yours. Farmer Owned. Community Loved.