Kanzi Apples

2-1/4 min dia. An exotic sweetly tart apple with intense flavor. Seduce life with Kanzi apples. Kanzi are a hybrid of Gala and Braeburn variety apples, and combine the very best features of both parents. Originally, discovered in Europe, Kanzi apples are now proudly grown in the USA by a select group of orchardists. Just one bite, and you'll discover why Kanzi apples are adored around the world for their perfect sweet/tart balance and intense flavor. With their extreme juiciness and crunch, Kanzi apples will seduce your senses. Discover one of Europe's favorite apples! Kanzi USA growers. CMI. Applewood Orchards. Scan QR code to find recipes, contests and more. www.kanziusa.com. Packing in the quality with premium apples, pears, cherries & organics. www.cmiapples.com. US extra fancy. www.kanziapple.com. Coated with food grade vegetable or shellac based wax to maintain freshness. Reuse. Recycle. Facebook: /kanziusa. Grown in Washington state. Product of USA.