CLIF Energy Bar, Maple Nut

Made with organic oats & soybeans. Nutrition for sustaining energy. For me, European bike trips have never been about riding from point A to Point B. My buddies and I far prefer the explorative method of riding. Rather than being blown off the bigger red roads by the noise and dust of passing semis, we seek out the serenity and quiet of remote alpine valleys on the smaller white roads - views of massive rock fares and glaciers at every turn. We've carried rand bikes an our shoulders ever high mountain pusses, slid down vast glaciers along side our bicycles, and stumbled upon more quaint villages than I ran count. As with our cycling epics, it is the winding road - not the destination - that drives Clif Bar. It's a simpler, more rewarding style of riding - and doing business. From our people, to our products, to our planet, it is an the smaller white road that we choose to travel. - Gary, Founder and Owner of Clif Bar & Company. We source ingredients that are not genetically engineered. May contain nutshell fragments. High in protein. No trans fat. All natural. 70% organic ingredients. Certified organic by QAI. Quality Assurance International.