Snyders Organic Pretzel Sticks, 8 Grains & Seeds

3 g fiber. 20 g whole grain. Made with flax, quinoa & blue agave. Excellent source of ALA omega 3. Contains 460 mg of ALA per serving which is 35% of the daily value of ALA (1.3 g). Delicious wholesome snack. USDA organic. Certified organic by Pennsylvania certified organic - Insuring integrity of organic products in the marketplace. Contains no genetically modified ingredients. America's pretzel bakery since 1909. Since 1909, our pretzels have been America's favorite pretzel to share. While we've grown quite a bit, we are still a third-generation family-owned company baking pretzels in our hometown of Hanover, PA. Today, we are proud to bring you pretzels that meet the strict standards of organic certification - and taste amazing! Organic Whole Grains: whole wheat; buckwheat; oats; whole brown rice; rye; whole corn; barley; millet. Whole grains are grain kernels in their natural form, made up of bran, germ, and the endosperm. Today's dietary guidelines call for 3 servings or 48 g of whole grains per day. Our 8 Grains & Seeds Organic Sticks offer 20 g of whole grain per serving plus 3 g of healthy fiber and an excellent source of ALA omega 3 per serving. Organic Seeds: flax seeds; sesame seeds; quinoa. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily.