Hartz Chew 'N Clean Dog DentaTreat Medium/Large Bacon & Cheese - 10 CT

Hartz® Chew 'N Clean Dog DentaTreat™ Medium/Large Bacon & Cheese. New. Scientifically proven to reduce plaque & tartar formulation with DentaShield® for cleaner teeth. Treat your dog everyday. Outside developed with ridges to act as a toothbrush to "brush" away debris. Inside acts as a toothpaste to help reduce tartar formation. Dental treats for dogs. Net Wt 130 g (4.5 oz). Give your dog more than just a treat. Chew 'N Clean DentaTreat™ is a tasty treat that cleans your dog's teeth and is scientifically proven to reduce plaque and tartar formation. Chew 'N Clean DentaTreat™ is a low calorie treat that you can give your dog after each meal - when it's most effective. Unique, patented star shape. Highly digestible. Chewy texture. No artificial flavors. Your dog will love it! 35 Distinct ridges to help "brush" away any remaining food particles. Bacon flavor your dog will love! Cheese flavor your dog can't resist! DentaShield® reduces new tartar formation by bonding with components in your dog's saliva. Calorie content (calculated): 2,900 kcal ME/kg, 38 kcal ME/treat. Manufactured of domestic and imported ingredients for The Hartz Mountain Corporation. Hartz® and other trademarks are trademarks of The Hartz Mountain Corporation. Visit: www.hartz.com.