Beneful Original Dog Food

With moist meaty chunks. With wholesome grains & real beef, accented with vitamin-rich vegetables. Antioxidant-Rich Nutrition: Helps support a healthy immune system. 100% complete & balanced. What gets your best friend's tail wagging? Windy-eared car trips. Endless rounds of fetch. Spur-of-the-moment belly rubs. He'll also love the abundance of real, wholesome ingredients found in Beneful Original. made with great-tasting, protein-rich real beef, it's a perfectly balanced meal that helps keep your dog happy and healthy. With Beneful, you can help your dog have it all - taste, nutrition, health and happiness. Moist, meaty chunks with real beef are protein-rich to help build strong muscles. Calcium-enriched for strong teeth and bones. Includes vitamin-rich vegetables and essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Omega fatty acids and antioxidants help support a healthy immune system. Wholesome grains for energy. Contains iron for healthy blood.