Scoop Away Cat Litter, Scoopable, Super Clump, Unscented

Never dump the box! Clumps strong. Destroys odors. So never dump out the litter box. Tight-clumping Scoop Away litter destroys odors so you never have to dump out the litter box! Just scoop, top off and relax. Unscented odor control. Formulated to battle odors immediately, without fragrances. And it's 99.9% dust-free! Tighter clumps, fewer crumbles. Crumbles stink (literally)! Scoop Away Super Clump litter is formulated for maximum clumping so there are virtually no stinky crumbles left behind that can cause odor buildup. Ammonia Shield protection. Scoop Away Super Clump litter is fortified with Ammonia Shield to destroy litter box odors and inhibit bacterial odors. Get the scoop on Promotions, tips, product information and a community of cat lovers like you are just a paw-click away. Log on to today. Tired of dumping out the litter box? Scoop Away litter destroys the worst odors and clumps so tight, you'll never have to dump out the litter box again! The secret is simple - just scoop clumps and top off with fresh litter daily! Scoop Away litter works so well, it's like having a fresh litter box every time you scoop! Visit our website at Made in the USA.