Whiskas® Temptations® Kitten Chicken Flavor Cat Snacks & Treats 2.1 Oz Pouch

Give your kitten a scrumptious snack and the nutrients they need for healthy growth with TEMPTATIONS Classic Cat Treats for Kittens. This tasty kitten treat for features a unique pocket shape that is delightfully crunchy on the outside and soft and savory on the inside. Your feline friend will adore the natural, mouth-watering chicken taste, and you will like that each low-calorie treat contains vitamins, taurine and DHA to help them grow big and strong. Pet parents choose America's #1 cat treat* because they know great beginnings start with good nutrition. Reward your new fuzzy friend with TEMPTATIONS Classic Treats for Cats Kitten Chicken Flavor. (* Based on sales data) TEMPTATIONS Classic Cat Treats are 100% nutritionally complete and feature a crunchy outer shell that helps with tartar control. In a secret underground laboratory, we discovered how to harness the power of cat love in a flavorful, bite-sized treat. TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats. Contains one (1) 2.1-oz. pouch of TEMPTATIONS Classic Treats for Cats Kitten Chicken Flavor Made with vitamins, taurine and DHA for healthy kitten development A low-calorie cat treat with a crunchy outside and soft center that kittens can't resist Your young cat will love the irresistible chicken flavor for snack time America's #1 cat treat (*Based on sales data) AAFCO Formulated