Organic & Pure White Tea, Organic, Bags

Premium Chinese tea buds. Highest in antioxidants. Mild luxurious flavor. Slightly sweet. 100% organic. USDA organic. Individually wrapped for freshness. Estate grown. Organic and Pure's organically grown Bai Mu Dan White Tea (also known as white peony tea) is grown in the mountains of the Fujian Province, China. Like green tea, white tea leaves undergo little processing but are picked at an earlier stage than green tea leaves. This tea is Estate grown which, like fine wines, means that it is grown and processed right at the plantations for exquisite freshness. This 100% organic tea has the signature pale yellow hue with a light honey-sweet scent that defines white tea. Its taste is delicate with a clean mellow sweetness. So enjoy Organic and Pure Tea today, we guarantee you'll like it. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. No artificial flavors or additives. Oxygen bleached tea bags. 15-25 mg of caffeine per cup. Certified organic by QAI, Inc. Quality Assurance International. Made in the USA.