Cheer Free & Gentle Detergent

Color Guard. Dermatologist recommended. 30 Loads. (This package contains 30 loads as measured to the lower line on the scoop. The precise number of uses from each package will vary slightly with the method of scooping and settling during shipment). No dyes, no perfumes, no worries. We know laundry detergent touches more than your clothes. That's why Cheer Free & Gentle is formulated to be gentle not only on your colors, but your skin as well. Be confident in your clothes. Chlorine fades. Chlorine scavengers neutralize the chlorine in your wash water that would normally fade your clothes. Wear & tear. Wear care helps prevent the pills and fuzz that make your clothes look worn and faded. Powder residue. Powders dissolve quickly in water, reducing the residue that can cling to your clothes and make them look dull. Smart choice. Clothing is an investment that should be protected. Using Cheer helps you protect the colors of your clothes. Safe for septic tanks. Contains no phosphate. Made in USA.