EnerG Rice Flour, Sweet

A gluten-free. Wheat-free. Dairy-free. Very low-sodium. Cholesterol-free. No saturated fat. This mix uses short grain rice flour. Short grain rice flour is usually more expensive than more common long grain rice flour. However, short grain rice flour has unique characteristics. Short grain rice, sometimes called soft rice or sweet rice cooks moist and firm and the cooked grains tend to stick or clump together. By comparison long grain rice is less moist when cooked and does not hold together. The unique characteristics of Ener-G Sweet Rice Flour enable our customers to make more moist and coherent foods compared to using only long grain rice flour. This package is old by weight, not volume. Some settling of contents may have occurred during shipment and handling. Toll free 1-800-331-5222. www.ener-g.com. A wide variety of foods and recipes for dietary restrictions available from Ener-G Foods, Inc. Printed with Soybean based ink. Our inner pouch is made with unbleached paper. This carton is recyclable. We do not use ingredients that were produced using biotechnology.