Bob's Red Mill Southern-Style White Corn Grits

Bob's Red Mill® Southern-Style White Corn Grits. To Your Good Health®. Also known as polenta. Our Southern-style white corn grits are simply coarsely ground bits of white corn. They have long been a traditional staple of the American South and we are pleased to bring these fluffy white grits to your table. For breakfast, try white corn grits served with milk and honey or add cheese and top with eggs for a truly decadent breakfast. For lunch or dinner, they're excellent topped with butter, cheese, marinara or gravy. We use only the finest white California corn for rich and flavorful grits that are sure to delight your palate - any meal of the day. You can see our quality! Bob's Red Mill is the most unique flour mill in the Northwest. We use stone grinding equipment to freshly mill whole grain products. Delight your family with whole grain goodness. Wholesome. Visit us at For information and recipes, visit our website at White corn grits/polenta.