Mutti Tomatoes, Finely Chopped

You've never seen pulp like this! Only Italian tomatoes. 100% Certified Italian tomato controlled production. The Mutti family ahs been processing tomatoes since 1899. Now as in the past, with the same passion and the same attention, we offer you the very best of the tomato. Do you know the secrets that make Mutti Finely chopped Tomatoes truly unique? The exclusive selection if Italian tomatoes, grown under the warm Mediterranean sun. The selection of only ripe tomatoes, packaged on the same day as they are harvested, to offer the quality of fresh tomatoes all year long. Careful selection of the best part of the tomato so that only the heart is processed, with no yellow or green residues. The guarantee of the Certification of Integrated Production, granted only to those who control the entire production process using environmentally friendly cultivation methods. You will immediately recognize the difference from other brands. Mutti Chopped Tomatoes Finely chopped are delicately flavored, yet intensely fragrant. They maintain a beautiful, inviting red color with a full bodied consistency of fresh tomatoes. GMO free. Check Fruit certified integrated production. Product of Italy.