Ginger People Ginger Energizer

Triple ginger drink with a splash of apple. Energize the body - encourage circulation. Each bottle contains 29g ginger. It quenches thirst, relieves, excites the brain. And in old age awakes young love again. Within the stomach, loins and lungs. Praise of hot ginger lightly may be sung. Energize yourself with this tripled up ginger beverage, sweetened with the natural juices of apple, a touch of honey and ginger syrup. This humble bottle holds more than mere liquid. It holds the promise of energy, inner warmth and ginger enlightenment. Ginger's health-giving virtues are vast and of global proportions. In Tibet, ginger was heralded for its ability to strengthen the vital energies of the debilitated and lethargic. In the Middle East, ginger was valued for its properties of clearing the brain. In ancient China, ginger was regarded as a healing gift from the gods. Open this bottle and drink in the goodness of ginger! History of food.