Welchs 100% Juice, with Coconut Water, Tropical Berry Grape

Flavored blend of grape, coconut water, pineapple and blackberry juices from concentrate with added ingredients. Family farmer owned. Naturally 30% less sugar (than the leading 100% grape juice). 200 mg potassium. 100 calories per serving. Farmer owned. Family grown. At the heart of Welch's you'll find more than 900 family farmer owners working together to bring real grape goodness to your family - like our 100% Juice with Coconut Water, made with USA grown concord grapes right from our farms. The great taste of 100% juice with 30% less sugar. Made by perfectly blending with coconut water, which is naturally lower in sugar than other 100% juices. Great taste, refreshing goodness! 100% juice with coconut water with added ingredients. 2 servings of fruit (2 servings of fruit (per 8 oz glass) = 1 cup of fruit. No added sweeteners or sugar (Not a low calorie food. See nutrition fact for sugar and calorie content). No artificial flavors added. Good source of vitamin C. Gluten free. Pasteurized. Contains 100% juice. 25 g sugars (Contains natural fruit sugars only). 100% Juice with Coconut Water: 25 g sugar per 8 oz. Leading 100% Grape Juice: 36 g sugar per 8 oz. Comments or questions? Call 1-800-340-6870 weekdays 9 am-4 pm ET.