Fuze Slenderize Beverage, Pomegranate Acai Berry, Empower

Antioxidants. Low calorie. Low sugar. Pomegranate acai berry. Only 10 calories per serving. 2 g Carbs per serving. Polyphenols - 65 mg. Powerful antioxidants that can protect cell membranes and cellular DNA from the damaging effects of free radical induced oxidative damage. Regular consumption of polyphenols helps maintain cardiovascular function in healthy individuals. Chromium - 41 mcg. A micronutrient known to improve the amount of energy you get from food. Vitamin C - 138 mg. An antioxidant essential for vision, growth and healthy skin. Super CitriMax - 462 mg. Helps users maintain a normal appetite and increase energy in healthy individuals. Helps support a healthy metabolism. L-Carnitine - 46 mg. An amino acid which boosts energy. Contains equal antioxidant capacity of 1 serving of vegetables per bottle: Measured by Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity [ORAC (ORAC is a USDA developed method)]. (This product is not a substitute for fruits and vegetables which are an important part of your diet. 5% Juice. No artificial colors. No artificial flavors. Made in the USA.