Playtex Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Insulated Cup

Playtex® Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Insulated Cup. The Insulator™. Insulated to keep drinks cool longer. 100% spill-proof, leak-proof, break-proof, guarantee. Stage 3. 12+ MOS. Bisphenol-A free, Phthalate free. New! Twist 'n Click. Leak-proof seal. 1 cup. With the new Twist 'n Click™ cup feature, simply twist lid on cup until you hear and feel the lid click closed, then you'll know the cup is 100% leak-proof. Designed for baby: Thin, tapered spout ideal for little mouths. Insulated to keep drinks cool and fresh longer. Easy to activate - liquid flows easily when child sips. Designed for mom: Durable cup is 100% break-proof. Lid is interchangeable with all Playtex® cups. All parts are dishwasher safe. Patented spill-proof valve eliminates messes and is easy to clean. Stages: 1: 4-12 MOS. 2: 9+ MOS. 3: 12+ MOS. 4: 2+ years. Manufactured to Playtex quality specifications. Playtex is a licensed trademark. BPA free logo. The insulator design and Twist 'n Click trademarks are property of Playtex Products Inc. All other trademarks are property of respective owners. Disney. Visit the Disney website at