El Monterey Burritos Beef & Bean - 8 PK

El Monterey™ Burritos Beef & Bean. Family owned since 1964. Made with real beef. No artificial colors. Textured vegetable protein added. America's #1 frozen Burrito*. U.S. Inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Family size. Per serving: 9g Protein. 0g Trans fat. 1g Sugar. 310 Calories. Net Wt 32 oz (2 lbs). *Source: El Monterey brand, Nielsen Scan Data, US - Xaoc (All Reporting Retail Outlets Combined), frozen Burritos $ Volume by Brand, 26 weeks ending August 06, 2016. Satisfaction guaranteed. 1-800-772-6474. www.elmonterey.com.