Asturi Focacci Bites, Olive Oil & Sea Salt

Baked. All natural. With Mediterranean olive oil. The Mediterranean, savory, all natural focaccia snack. The joy of good eating. Live. Love. Snack. We believe that the Mediterranean diet is a naturally healthy way of life, and that snacks help us enjoy life and good friends. So we decided to bring to you a great all natural, Mediterranean savory snack: our delicious Asturi Focacci Bites. These great-tasting snacks are one of our favorites. They are baked with 100% natural ingredients and contain no artificial flavors, no artificial colorings and no trans fats. We use the best Mediterranean olive oil to give them their incredible flavor. They are deliciously crispy and delicate in texture, and we invite you to try them alone as a great snack or pair them with your favorite hors d'oeuvres, dips or salsas. Product of Spain.