Colby Red Red Wine, Red Blend, California, 2009

Colby Rex Groom is a young man who endured back-to-back open-heart surgeries at the ages of eight and nine. Colby's desire to help others with heart disease gave him the idea to inspire his winemaker father, Daryl Groom, to create a red wine to help raise money for heart research. Every bottle sold of Colby Red supports charities that promote heart health. This is a unique and generous red wine, just as Colby is a unique and generous child. I blended five different grape varieties to make a red that's juicy and velvety-smooth, with rich fruit flavors and a soft finish. Colby Red is a wine for sheer delicious enjoyment. While it's great wine with food, it tastes best in the company of good friends and family, savored with an appreciation of the gifts each moment brings - Daryl Groom, Winemaker. Colby is thankful for the research that enables him to lead a healthy, active life and thanks you for supporting heart health. Alc. 13.9% by vol. Cellared and bottled by Wine World Estates, Napa CA.