Clos La Chance Hummingbird Series Chardonnay, Unoaked, Monterey County, 2006

Glittering-Throated Emerald. Thank you for choosing Clos LaChance's Glittering-Throated Emerald Chardonnay. The Hummingbird has been a part of Clos LaChance lore since the first vintage in 1992. Vintners celebrate the hummingbird, given its territorial nature and ability to chase away other grape-eating birds. Glittering-Throated Emerald Hummingbirds are found only in South America, in a wide variety of open and semi-open habitats including gardens. The males have a "glittering" green throat; females have a white stripe up the middle of the "glittering" green throat. The Glittering-Throated Emerald Chardonnay is entirely unoaked. It was fermented in stainless steel tanks, preserving the integrity of the Chardonnay fruit characteristics - pears, peaches, tropical fruits and spice. Sourced from Monterey County, expect a lush mouthfeel with a crisp acidic backbone. We invite you to visit the winery in San Martin, where guests are likely to see many hummingbirds amongst the vines or buzzing around the gardens. LaChance is the maiden name of Brenda Murphy, who with her husband Bill, is the proud owner of Clos Winery since 1992. Alc. 13% by vol.