Samuel Adams Brewmaster's Collection Ale, Brown

A traditional ale, brewed with malted barley blend that imparts notes of toasted malt, biscuit, nut and caramel. With mild hop character, a deep malt body, and a fruity ale fermentation character, this beer satisfies the soul yet doesn't overwhelm the palate. Jim Koch. Founder & brewer. Deep malt body and mild hop character. Color: mahogany. Beer Lover's Choice competition: In the Fall of 2005, we held special tastings in bars across America for the Beer Lover's Choice program. Beer lovers were given the opportunity to sample up to three current Samuel Adams styles (Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Sam Adams Light, & our Seasonal) and two new Samuel Adams beers Sample A (Bohemian Pilsner) and Sample B (Brown Ale). Over 10,000 Beer Lovers across the country voted and chose Samuel Adams Brown Ale to be the 2006 addition to the Brewmaster's Collection. Cheers! Color: mahogany. Signature Ingredients: A blend of six malts including Marris Otter.