Widmer Brothers Ale, Drifter Pale

Since 1984. Kurt and Rob Widmer have never been known to follow the leader; their take on a pale ale is no different. With its unique citrus character, smooth drinkability, and distinctive combo of hops and malts, Drifter Pale Ale is truly an original. I quit! In 1984, brothers Kurt and Rob Widmer, in the midst of dual quarter-life crises, decided to quit their jobs, follow their dreams and devote themselves to their true passion - brewing beer full-time. To this day, that rebellious spirit and love for all things beer define Widmer Brothers brewing. Prost! To doing what you love. - Rob, Kurt. Anything but pale. Flavor Points: Unique, abundant hop aroma and flavor. Aromas of tangerine, mandarin orange, red and yellow grapefruits. Milk, malty caramel sweetness to balance the hops. Balanced, drinkable, smooth and inviting. Oregon Brewers Guild: Quality & integrity. Product Specifications: Original Gravity: 13.8 plato, Apparent Extract: 3.3 Plato, Color: 19 SRM, IBU: 28. Alcohol by volume 5.7%.