Full Sail Ale, India Pale

Independent. Employee-owned. 12 fluid ounces of ridiculously tasty India Pale Ale concocted by our massive brewforce of 47. Specialists in the liquid refreshment arts since 1987. Fermenters of godlike nectar. You gotta love making beer to live and work in the spot we do. Really. I mean, who puts a brewery in a place where you're constantly tempted to start the day with a dawn patrol snowboard session, kiteboard the gorge all afternoon and round out the day's trifecta with a little sunset singletrack? Answer: Us. Forty-seven people who own an indie brewery in Hood River, region. We're obsessed with two things: Making insanely good beer. And living an insanely good life. And if that means working four-day weeks instead of five, or breathing pine-scented air that didn't get that way from a miniature cardboard tree, or lining our pockets with seashells instead of cash, well, we must be doing something right. Enjoy the beer. Peace. Alc. 6.0% by vol.