Alesmith Brewing Beer, India Pale Ale, San Diego-Style

Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Pinterest; Tumblr at AlesmithBrewing. 96% PCR recycled content. Our hometown of San Diego is considered the epicenter of its namesake style of India pale ale - extremely crisp, high drinkable beers brimming over with hop aromas and bright yet not overly bitter hop flavors, Alesmith IPA is the progenitor of this rightfully popular style. A bright bouquet of grapefruit and tangerine aromas gives way to an abundance of fresh piney, tropical notes on the taste buds with lingering resinous sensations in the finish for a quintessential San Diego IPA experience showcasing the versatility of American hops. Alc. 7.25% by vol. Brewed and canned Alesmith Brewing Co., San Diego, CA.