Alaskan Beer, Ale, Sampler Pack

Four Styles: Three each. Amber Alt Style Ale. Icy Bay IPA India Pale Ale. White Wit Style Ale Brewed with Spices. Rotating Style: Fourth style varies in each pack. A taste of Alaska. Beer powered beer. Story Behind the Label: We offer you and your friends a taste of Alaska in one easy pack. Sample three of our most popular beers plus a rotating beer style. Learn more at Living Life Alaskan: Alaskan Brewing Co. puts a little Alaska in every beer we brew. Living and brewing in the remote coastal community of Juneau, Alaska has its challenges, but the reward of bringing people closer to the Great Land has sustained us since 1986. Our Brew Crew works equally hard to sustain Alaska's pristine environment through innovation while pushing the boundaries of brewing to become one of the most award-winning craft breweries in the country. We'd love to hear what you think of the beer in your hands. Cheers! The state of Alaska is more than 1/5 the size of the entire lower 48 states combined. Come visit us. This box is manufactured from recycled materials. Please recycle. Beer Powered Beer: Alaskan beers are brewed with energy generated by a steam boiler fueled entirely by dried spent grain - a byproduct of our brewing process. That's what we call beer powered beer, and it's the latest way Alaskan Brewing Co. has increased efficiency and reduced energy use. We love Alaska, and our CO2 recovery system, water-saving mash press filter and innovative steam boiler are all steps toward allowing us to brew beer in the most efficient and cleanest way possible in this beautiful place we call home. Amber Alt Style Ale: 5.3% alc/vol. Icy Bay IPA India Pale Ale: 6.2% alc/vol. White Wit Style Ale Brewed with Spices: 5.3% alc/vol. Brewed & bottled in Juneau, Alaska. Made in Alaska.