Adult Beverage Adult Strawberry Milk Liqueur

Made with premium vodka. Adult Beverage Co. is the brainchild of Tracy and Nikki, two lifelong friends on a mission to create delicious concoctions inspired by flavors of way back when, with a grownup twist! The company started in Tracy's kitchen, gained momentum on Facebook, and is now taking taste buds everywhere by storm. And the two ladies have done it again - presenting their newest creation: Adult Strawberry Milk! A delectable rendition of your classic favorite, with the taste of ripe strawberries, the refreshing sensation of a cold glass of milk, and of course, a bit of premium vodka! Liven up any occasion and celebrate the good old days with this new addition to the Adult Beverage family. Cheers! Created in a kitchen. Not a lab. 40 proof. 20% alc/vol. Produced & bottled for Adult Beverage Co., LLC by Temperance Distilling, Temperance, MI.