Cavit Collection Chardonnay, Oak Zero, Trentino, 2012

Cavit's Oak Zero (or un-oaked) Chardonnay is sourced from vineyards in northern Italy's Trentino region where Chardonnay has been successfully grown for over a hundred years. To these ideal vineyards, Cavit brings over a half-century of winemaking expertise and a passion for quality. Our un-oaked style yields a bright, crisp and zippy Chardonnay with flavors of fresh apple & pear. Versatile and an excellent companion to appetizers, seafood and grilled vegetables, best served well-chilled. Salute! The Cavit winemaking team proudly presents this delightful Chardonnay from the award-winning Cavit Collection. Anselmo Martini, chief enologist, Cavit. Sole US agent. Alc. 12.5% by vol. Produced & bottled by Cavit S.C. Trento, Italia. Imported from Italy. Product of Italy.