Sara Lee Delightful White Bakery Bread

9g Carbs per Slice. Only 45 calories! Per regular sized slice. No trans fat; No artificial colors or flavors; Good source of fiber. Finally bread with no compromises. Introducing Sara Lee Delightful White and Sara Lee Delightful Wheat Breads - the better for you breads so delicious they can only be from Sara Lee. Just 9 grams of carbohydrates and only 45 calories in every regular-size slice - but with the rich, homestyle taste you expect from the bakers of Sara Lee. We know they'll become your family's new favorites. We've brought all the goodness of Sara Lee to our selection of delicious Bakery Breads. All are baked in the fresh, homestyle tradition, using only the finest ingredients - with no trans fat, artificial flavors or artificial colors - so each hearty slice is soft and full of flavor.