Thomas’® Swirl Cranberry Breakfast Bread 16 Oz Loaf

For over 125 years, Thomas’® has helped bring the holidays home. Cranberries bring out the best in family gatherings. Plump juicy cranberries are baked into S.B. Thomas’® special recipe to create the ultimate cranberry swirl toasting bread and you’ll love the warm aroma of toasting cranberry swirl toasting bread in your kitchen, making it a perfect accompaniment to your own family traditions at this special time of year. Enjoy the tangy taste and the festive color of Thomas’® Cranberry Swirl Toasting Bread...available for a limited time only! We’ve baked our favorite cranberry swirl toasting bread for your enjoyment.Thank you for making Thomas’® part of your holiday tradition. Happy holidays—S.B. Thomas Family. Kosher Dairy Made with real cranberries