EarthGrains Thin Bun, 100% Multi-Grain

100% natural thins. 100 calories per serving. 100% whole grain. No high fructose corn syrup. Slice of nutrition. Calories: 100 (5%); total fat: 1.5 g (2%); sodium: 150 mg (6%); sugars: 3 g (the percentage for sugar is not listed as the % daily value has not been established); fiber: 4 g (15%); whole grain: 21 g. EarthGrains is dedicated to baking great tasting products with the nutrition benefits you and your family need. This easy-to-read guide is designed to help you make informed choices. It displays the nutrients in our products and the percent daily value they represent based on a 2,000 calorie diet. For whole grain, it provides the total grams of whole grain per serving. USDA recommends consuming 48 g of whole grain every day. Born in the earth and raised in the sun, our grains enjoy life's most simple pleasures; a warm sky that presses down gently, the timely breeze that shakes them cool, and a refreshing rinse in one of the world's most sustaining elements, rainwater. This nature-nurtured process is the foundation of how we create every single whole grain product in our family. We didn't invent the method, but we sure work hard on perfecting it. That's why our natural breads contain 0 g trans fat, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Sometimes it's not what you put in, but what you leave out. And our taste and texture, they never waiver because we know a grain kept best, is a grain kept whole. This timeless practice lends so much to our taste that we are endlessly committed to protecting and nurturing the fertile grounds where our grains grow tall. We care about the earth so much, it's in our name. This product 21 g of whole grain in a 1 bun serving. USDA recommends consuming 48 g of whole grain every day.